Saturday, October 20, 2007

integration - the great unfair night!!!

well the past week seemed to me to be very unfair, its 3:40am and i've got it all integrated (by all only my 3 on moday) fruther more i've changed the skin slightly.

There were many issues with the code that i hand to fix. The way hiberante was using databses had to change as the code was using to instances of hsqldb, i had to change it to one. also there was a conflict with a jar, so i had to revert it back to an older one and fix.

further more i had to inject data into the database, but the maven things were all commented out.

at the end of the day i'm bitching! i have a thesis i should be doing!!! anyways its done i'll make presentaion tomorrow. Since no one replies to emails or uses the wiki, doesnt seem very fair at all. People expect me to then help, i dont think i'll be able to, but hey, hope not too many people read this :)

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