Wednesday, August 8, 2007

extra lab

So I went into the lab today and did some work, i finished of the Ant JUnit part. Also i did the form data. The form part was quite easy however it was something that i had not used. Everything was integrated with Spring. The main issue that was quite new was the integrated with tags. The tagging library allowed the inbuilt Spring framework to be used at all areas of Web IO. The reason this is powerful is that we can then use the internal Spring functions to do things like:
  • Validation
  • DB connections
  • Log in etc.
I think this is much better than using simple standard xHTML tags. We can then form better automation and the system will be scalable.

Other things that I needed to mention that were important are:
  • Tagging is a critical part of Spring and i need to look at this a bit more.
  • JSP relies heavily xml and the web xml files. The strucutre of these needs to be learnt instead of relying too heavily on the files that are already there

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