Sunday, August 26, 2007

project proposal

The scaffold for this proposal is taken from from the UOS website.

Purpose (problem statement):
To simplify the process whereby student's find clubs and societies that they are interested in. That is creating an new channel of communication between students and clubs and societies of the university.

Currently the only techniques in place to join students with the clubs and societies they are interested with is during O - Week in the week 0 of semester 1(and to a lesser extent Re - O Week week 1 of semester 2). Also there is a directory of all clubs that are registered on the Union website. Now the problem with this is that is hard to navigate, and is unsearchable. This web site does not provide a mechanism to formulate links between the students and the clubs.
By providing a new way to find the clubs and socs that students like it will help keep memberships in the clubs growing and allow more student's to have the complete university experience. The Clubs and Socs program provides an important part of the university experience.

Users / Actors:
The actors that will use the application are as follows:
1) Clubs and Socs Executive: It is their role to update and upload information about their particular club.
2) Clubs and Socs Administrators: These are the union execs that run clubs and socs, it's their job to add club and socs execs as part of the registration every year.
3) Students: who can search the system and get in contact with the clubs and socs they want.

Use Cases:
1. Add / Edit / Remove Club and Soc Exec
2. Add Club Information
3. Search for a Club
4. Contact a club (this one may change submit interest)

These use cases may evolve over time.

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